Past event – The BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition

01 March, 2015


Hats On – The BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition Opens With Another Head-Turning Edition

Award-winning milliners and expert makeover sessions mark an ultra-glamorous edition ahead of the 20th Dubai World Cup

19 March 2015, Dubai, UAE BurJuman’s annual International Millinery Exhibition is pulling out all the stops this year in time for the 20th edition of the Dubai World Cup. Featuring new and returning award-winning international milliners, the ultra-glamourous 14th edition of the popular exhibition opens and runs until 27 March, 2015, right up to race day which takes place on March 28, 2015.

Visitors can look forward to taking their pick from more than 500 glamorous designs from internationally-acclaimed milliners such as Philip Wright – milliner to celebrities and royalty, Master Milliner of Styria – Christine Rohr and Dubai-based British milliner Lucy Dantec-Hodges – well-known for her commissioned work for the classic movie Four Weddings and a Funeral. Also returning are popular Belgian milliner Christiane Edmondson, Australian Liza Georgia and Asim-Ita Kingsley from Nigeria.

Together with make-up advice sessions led by Natasha Ahmed – a Dubai-based blogger and certified make-up artist, women who wish to turn heads at the races can look forward to finding their winning head-to-toe look at BurJuman. Those interested can drop in for free make-up advice at any of the two sessions on Saturday, 21 March at 5pm and Tuesday, 24 March at 7:30pm. Striking race-wear ensembles will also be exhibited alongside the hats, for those looking to put together their complete outfit.

The 14th BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition opens on level 1 at BurJuman, opposite Saks Fifth Avenue and runs from 10am to 10pm daily until March 27, 2015. For more details and information, check out BurJuman’s Facebook page: