Mind Games

09 November, 2016

Test your brain power at the BurJuman Mind Games.

Think it, move it, believe it! Learn to control objects and challenge your concentration skills using mind over matter.

Want to harness the power of your own mind? No longer just science fiction, mind control has become a reality and is coming to Dubai! Join in the Mind Games at BurJuman from November 10 to 19, where shoppers of all ages can test out their brain skills. The incredible interactive exhibition will be taking place daily from midday to 10pm, and can be found at BJC 1 – Level S1 in the malls Main Atrium.

A thrilling and educational experience for the entire family, Mind Games is based on the latest NASA scientific research, neurological experiments and monitoring technology. Wearing customized headsets, players can control an array of electronic games simply through their brain power. The futuristic technology works by harnessing the beta waves that your mind generates when you concentrate – sensors on the headset pick up the impulses and send a digital signal to control the machines.

Customers are invited to test mind over matter on a variety of extraordinary exhibits and experiments. Fly a helicopter or control a robotic arm using nothing but your brainwaves, or marvel as you use your mind to lift a ball into the air at the ball tower. Challenge your friends and discover who possesses superior powers of concentration at the duo game or with a race around the slot car track. Once youve mastered the basics, theres even a mind-controlled Segway which you can steer using only the power of your mind.

Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind Levitation photo booth, where you can strike a floating pose above the ground! Take home a photo print-out as a souvenir or share your own pictures on social media using #BurJumanMindGames. To try it for yourself, simply spend a minimum of AED100 at any BurJuman store, get your receipts stamped at one of the mall’s customer service desks, and present them at the photo booth on the same day.

At Mind Games, shoppers of all ages are invited to experience the incredible cutting edge technology which has been developed especially for the exhibition. Mind Games is a unique chance to get a glimpse into the future, and we hope to inspire the next generation of great minds,said a BurJuman official.