Past Promotion – Shop & Win

23 May, 2019

During Eid, Shop and win with BurJuman, in collaboration with Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG) and Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE).
Upon making a purchase of AED200 at any participating shop in BurJuman, the customer will be given a raffle coupon to enter a draw.

Mechanics: 25 lucky winners will be selected to play a fun “game of numbers”. The game will allow the shoppers to pick out 4 balls from a box with mystery numbers (1-9) and the number drawn out will be revealed to be the winning amount based on the sequence in which the balls are picked out.

Promotion dates: 23 May- second day of Eid.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This promotion is valid from 23rd May to 2nd day of Eid Al Fitr 2019 at all participating malls.
2. Customers are eligible to one raffle coupon for every purchase of AED 200 from the Mall on a single day.
3. Coupon to be claimed from the same mall where the purchase is made.
4. Winning customers are eligible to play at a select participating mall on the day they have been called to play during Eid Al Fitr.
5. The winners must be present to play the game of numbers to be eligible to win cash, the total number of winners during the 3 days of Eid is 25.
6. The total prizes given among all eligible winners will be for a total value of AED 250,000, irrespective of how many winners got the chance to play the game.
7. The draw will be closed upon a).If total prizes are claimed among full or part of the winners. b). or once all winners have claimed their turn to play; whichever comes first.
8. Winners will be contacted through email or phone provided in the coupon and informed of the time and venue for them to Play.
9. Winners must present the winning coupon along with a Valid ID to spin the wheel on the date and venue specified.
10. The winners will receive cash of varying denomination.
11. Winner to pick 4 Balls, each ball contains 1 mystery number each. The winning amount is revealed by the arranged order in which the balls are picked.
12. Draw Date: 3 Days of Eid Al Fitr
13. The cash prizes must be claimed from Dubai Shopping Malls Group, located at 205, Sama Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
14. Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment and Dubai Shopping Malls Group or their partners in this promotion are in no way responsible for the loss of any coupons.
15. For information regarding the list of participating malls, draw dates, venues and winner details, visit
16. The prizes must be collected within 60 days of the announcement of the winner.
17. In case a fraudulent transaction is suspected, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment and Dubai Shopping Malls Group reserve the right to deny the prize to a winner.
18. The decision of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment and Dubai Shopping Malls Group on all aspects will be final and binding. No queries or claims will be entertained.