Bo’s Coffee

“Coffee is a staple in the UAE, part of our culture as proudly shown in the dirham - a ‘dallah’ or coffee pot is featured in UAE currency”. Bo’s coffee gives off a warm, cozy vibe, complemented by exquisite murals that tell stories of bean origins, coffee culture. Everyone can look forward to raising the bar with their coffee experience while Filipino patrons can anticipate the feeling of being home again once they visit the store. We serve the best of Philippine Coffee which prides itself of flavor profiles found in Philippine highlands. Our beans are sourced from the mountains of Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Matutum and Mt. Apo. Each region, climate contribute to the distinct flavor profile, each flavor has a distinct taste and body that truly epitomizes the rich diversity of their geographies. We serve classic, best-selling Signature Beverages, The Cold White Brew and Iced Creamy Latte alongside sweets and savory dishes best paired with a serving of Bo’s Coffee.