KyoChon at BurJuman Mall

Ever since 1991 KyoChon has been finding and feeding the tastemakers of the world with what they know best…. Authentic Korean fried chicken. From Gumi City in South Korean, KyoChon has grown to become the leader in Korean fried chicken and operates across 8 countries including Singapore, U.S, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines and now the United Arab Emirates. Dubbed as Korea’s most loved fried chicken, and for good reason… KyoChon has spent the last 30 years perfecting each recipe and developing a unique range of mouth-watering signature sauces. Foodies across the UAE can now indulge on what we like to call ‘That KyoChon crunch’. Each piece of fresh chicken is cooked to order in low saturated fat Canola oil, giving you perfect, crispy skin and juicy, tender meat. Every piece is then brushed with KyoChon signature sauces. Made from the finest locally sourced Korean ingredients, you will have the choice of original soy garlic, red fiery fusion for spicy lovers & bittersweet Acacia Honey. Rich in flavour with every bite, you can’t help but to savour the taste… making KyoChon chicken ‘Too indulgent to rush’.